• Adaptations, 2014

    A collaboration with Roel Meijs and made with the support of Pelican Self Storage and Oma Varasto, this project continues ideas brought about in 'The Space Within' (2010).  Constructed within a self-storage facility in Helsinki, architectural interventions were installed into four units.  Extending elements of the site, such as ventilation ducts, concrete pillars, walls and windows, 'Adaptations' intervened into the functional architectural design of this building in order to amplify what was already there, but this extension offered a counterpoint rather than further functionality.  No gallery attendants, invigilators, or other mediators assisted with the experience of this work; visitors would reserve a visiting time with a telephone operator, and were given the address of the site as well as an access code for the building, the storage unit numbers, and the codes to the combination locks for those units. Visitors would negotiate access to the site and these units alone. Video here.