• I Am A Laboratory, 2012

    The first part of this project was to build an orgone accumulator following the plans of Wilhelm Reich.  A 2-ply accumulator was constructed, and included Reich's instructions for use. This device sought to change the body within it as a result of the material properties of its construction. Following this idea, I built a second space to contain a body. This small laboratory, built of insulating materials as well as metal and a ventilation system functioned as a walk-in biosafety cabinet. Negative air pressure was created in the space through a ventilation unit, and incoming air was filtered through a HEPA filter. Within this cabinet was a small desk, lamp, and laboratory notebook. Users were requited to wear laboratory coat, rubber gloves and booties, and were asked to devise experiments to be conducted on the body within this space. The presentation of these two constructions side by side intended to effect a consideration of how the body in relation to a surrounding environment can function as a laboratory. Critically rethinking what can be considered research and scientific methods, this project proposes a focus on experimentation towards developing an understanding of the relationship between body and architecture, organism and environment.