• The Space Within, 2010

    A collaborative project made with Roel Meijs, The Space Within filled a gallery with a large abstract volume made of burlap.  Visitors entering the gallery were pressed against its walls, and had to skirt its perimeter to find the entrance. Within this volume was an attic space designed after traditional Finnish wooden houses. A hidden door led from this attic to a basement space. Passing through it, the basement door would lock behind a visitor. Down a corridor with low ceiling was an octagonal room with dirt floor.  On the walls were two hatches, of identical dimensions. One contained insulation materials, and the other a radiator. Upon returning to the basement door visitors would find it locked, and would have to seek out a hidden doorway that would lead them to a final set of stairs and corridors, eventually exiting the building from the rear, denying them a return to their point of entry, as they would find themselves at an inner courtyard, which led to a side street around the corner from the gallery entrance.